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Core Values

At Path for Growth, we have 5 core values that guide everything we decide and do. And when we say everything, we mean everything. These are not simply some nice ideas that are only visible on our website and in some dusty old binder. We eat, sleep, and breathe these values:

Point To Jesus

It will always be in the context of a relationship. It will always be abounding in grace. But it will not sacrifice the power, or certainty, of absolute truth. We are committed to pointing each other to Jesus. Even more important, we are committed to pointing to Jesus in our own actions.


We don't teach about things we have not yet done. We don't claim to be experts. We are practitioners. We don't present the picture that everything is easy, polished, or figured out. We are committed to practicing healthy growth and we'll hold each other accountable.

Freedom & Responsibility

We don't hire spectators. We hire team members. Everyone has a part to play and the entire team is counting on you to play it. A person's freedom is directly linked to their responsibility. If you want more freedom then take on more responsibility. You are in the driver's seat.

Treat People like Friends

Friends have dinner on Friday night. Friends offer specific and timely encouragement. Friends call for no other reason than to just check-in. But it goes deeper. Friends speak up when they think you're making a mistake. Friends act in each other's best interest. Friends offer clear and direct feedback. Friends speak kindly of you when you aren't around.

Strength is for Service

"Now we who are strong ought to bear the weaknesses of those without strength, and not just please ourselves." Romans 15:1. Strength has a purpose and we're offered instruction for how to use our strength. If you are strong in a specific area, be grateful and then immediately look for opportunities to leverage that strength in service of others.



We pay 50% for you and 30% for your family's health insurance premiums. Dental and Vision are 100% covered for you and your family.


We don't limit the amount of PTO you can take. All of our team members practice freedom and responsibility.


We invest in the professional and personal development of our team members.


At least on an annual basis, our remote team will get together for an all-paid-for, in-person experience. Time for the team to build rapport, hang out, break bread, and rejoice!

“At the time we reached out to Path for Growth, our business was doing really well in our product, but we lacked focus, structure, and clarity.

Path for Growth helped us clarify our vision and develop a clear plan for achieving it. We were able to build a healthy team structure and develop systems and processes that allowed us to stop fighting fires and start experiencing true freedom."


"Path for Growth has helped me align my life, leadership, and business. I now have a deeper connection with myself and the people I respect."


Open Positions

All positions are fully remote

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Future Openings

Check out the teams below and let us know why you'd make a great addition to that team:

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Customer Experience


If you are interested in applying for a position:

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