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Path for Growth exists to help impact-driven leaders step into who they were created to be SO THAT others benefit and God is glorified.

As a business, we are committed to doing work we love with people we love. Our ability to serve leaders exceptionally well hinges on the passion, attitude, and example of our team members.

Every team member is held accountable to an extremely high standard for personal and leadership growth. We don't just talk about this stuff. We live it.

We get to play a role in the life change of customers around the country while simultaneously experiencing it ourselves. We each get to experience the value of practicing healthy growth in the context of life-giving relationships.

Our team is united by the following five core values:

Point to Jesus

When people collide with Jesus they experience absolute grace and absolute truth. We look to His example as our highest ideal.


Power is created when your actions align with your words. We don't just give the message of healthy growth. We live it.

Freedom and Responsibility

People thrive when they experience personal autonomy and agency. We enjoy outrageous freedom because we take uncommon responsibility.

Treat People Like Friends

Friends act in each other's best interest. We are committed to treating teammates, customers, strangers, and everyone in between like our friends.

Strength is for Service

Contribution is at the core of every impact-driven team. We become outrageously strong SO THAT we can give that strength away.

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Open Positions

All positions are fully remote

Director of Marketing

  • The marketing team is led, managed, and held accountable.
  • The strategy and plan to ATTRACT impact-driven leaders as clients and coaches is active and effective.
  • The strategy and plan to ENGAGE impact-driven leaders as clients and coaches is active and effective.
  • The strategy and plan to DELIGHT impact-driven leaders as clients and coaches is active and effective.

We're growing fast. And our team members—and especially our leaders—need to be interested in adapting as their responsibilities evolve.

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Future Openings at Path for Growth

Check out the teams below and let us know why you'd make a great addition to that team:

  • Marketing (Design, Content, etc.)
  • Coaching
  • Resource (Finance, HR, Admin., etc.)
  • Customer Experience

Directions for Applying

If you are interested in applying for a position:

  1. Please email "[email protected]"
  2. Attach your resume to the email.
  3. Attach the job description PDF you're interested in (if the position is actively being hired for) to the email.
  4. Tell us a little bit about yourself in the body of the email.

If you do not follow these specific instructions, it is unlikely that you will be considered for the position.