The Path for Growth Podcast with Alex Judd

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WHat Folks Are Saying About The Podcast

"In a world I often find myself saying “I’ll never get that half hour back”, Alex more than backfills those hollows. Well written, actionable leadership content delivered at a lively pace. You’ll want to have your notepad handy to codify this man’s lessons into your live. If you believe you were called for service to others, Path for Growth is where you need to walk to leverage that calling into immense positive impacts on those around you. There are so many nuances to leadership that often go undetected as pillars OF leadership. Alex shines a light on what works (and what doesn’t). And while it can be difficult to be both humble AND a subject matter expert, Alex delivers both and often draws on his own imperfect experiences for maximum effect."

"Out of all the business and leadership podcasts out there, Path for Growth stands above the rest! This company is built on integrity and truth. Through the podcast it is clear that they do not compromise on these values regardless of what others think. The teaching points in the podcast are not only applicable for business leaders and their teams, but also for anyone prioritizing healthy growth in their personal life. I have seen significant growth in my work and personal life through learning from this podcast and the Path for Growth Worth it Wednesday emails."

"If you’re a business leader who is looking to level up the way you run your company, the Path for Growth podcast will be the show for you! The principles, lessons, and tactics that Alex and his guests share on the show have greatly impacted the way I operate in my work, and I know they will for you too. And there’s no fluff here; you walk away from every episode with a valuable and actionable tip that’ll benefit you. Definitely worth your time to listen!"

"Alex and the team at Path For Growth deliver again! Keep this podcast pinned if you want quality content that will help you grow in life and business. I appreciate how this podcast gets into the guts of everyday business, and yet also pushes us to something greater. It is my go-to business and leadership podcast. Keep it up y’all!"

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