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What to Expect

$3,399 VALUE

Two One-on-One Coaching Calls

If you want to get your business in order then you have to start with getting yourself in order. During this first call, your coach will help you create your personalized plan for generating a high return on your daily investments.

You will leave the second call with your coach with clarity on what your business needs from you in your day-to-day role in the company so that you will focus (and be held accountable to) on the things that matter most.

Your Path for Growth Coach will help you create and execute a personalized plan for growing your business in a healthy way. You will be held accountable to consistently act on the things that matter most.

Every Path for Growth Coach is a former business owner with real-world leadership experience. Work with a coach and receive a principle-based perspective on the challenges, opportunities, and priorities you're facing in your business.

$2,499 VALUE

Six Community Coaching Calls — Office Hours

Engage in six 60-minute coach-led meetings for leaders to work on top-of-mind challenges and opportunities.

Facilitated by Path for Growth Coaches, you'll have multiple opportunities per week to join sessions where you can meet with other leaders in the community to work on the questions and challenges that are most top-of-mind for you.

Tuesdays at 3:00 PM CST

Fridays at 8:00 AM CST

Fridays at 9:00 AM CST

$1,999 VALUE


Your Personal Growth Plan

Create order, consistency, and growth in your personal life.

Your Leader Success Statements

Document what winning looks like so that your attention is dedicated to the priorities that matter most.

An Effective Leadership Team Meeting

Follow a standardized format to discuss challenges, evaluate opportunities, and make strategic decisions.

A Business Mission Statement

Codify why your business exists so that purpose is clearly defined, communicated, and practiced.

Business Core Values

Codify what your business stands for so that the non-negotiables of the business are clearly defined, communicated, and practiced.

Financial Health Metrics & Rhythms

Instill the reporting and structure necessary to ensure financial awareness, health, and peace.

A Product Guide

Simplify and standardize the way your team talks about what you do.

A Role Chart

Clarify how responsibility and accountability are distributed in the present and the future.

Leadership Team Success Statements

Document what winning looks like for your leadership team and empower the creation of success statements at every level of the organization.

Leadership Team One-on-One Meetings

Create a rhythm for ongoing communication, evaluation, and improvement, and teach your leaders how to do the same.

Team Communication

Create a rhythm of communication for unifying, developing, and inspiring your team.

A Vision Charter

Create a clear aim that will unify your team and focus your business.

$499 VALUE

BONUS - 99 Minutes of Video Lessons with Downloadable Workbooks on Creating YOUR...

Personal Mission Statement

Discover your answer to the question “Why do I exist?” and practically apply it to your daily rhythms.

Personal Core Values

Define and document your answer to the question “What do I stand for?”.

Personal Vision Charter

Specify who you are becoming and where you are going.

One-on-One Coaching
14-Day Free Trial

Start Today for $8,396 FREE