Team Training

Develop your team with principles and action-oriented exercises in a full-day session that we bring to you.

Group of people in a Path for Growth workshop

Team Training Workshops

Ownership Mentality

Empower your team with the tools and attitude necessary to be uncommonly responsible for the 5 arenas:

Own Your Motive

Own Your Role

Own Your Growth

Own Your Solution

Own Your Influence

Healthy Communication

Create healthy, constructive, and effective rules of engagement for communication. This training covers 4 elements:

Fundamentals of Intentional Communication

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Clarifying and Evaluating Your Priorities

Essentials for Productive Meetings


Challenge your team to move from "performer" to "leader" with this training focused on 4 practices:

How Leaders Think

How Leaders Talk

How Leaders Act

How Leaders Grow


Level up your leadership team by equipping them with 4 actions that make a difference:

Create Leaders, Not Followers

Delegate Outcomes, Not Tasks

Create a Culture of Healthy Accountability

Recognize, Celebrate, and Affirm Great Action


Add value to your executive team by investing in their ongoing growth. This training covers 5 arenas:

Coaching Conversations

Developmental Delegation

Healthy Conflict

Strategic Thinking

Emotional Intelligence and Health

Team Training Inquiry

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